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Alexa came to us fighting addiction and mental health challenges. She was unhoused and had over a year of lapsed employment. We met with Alexa a year ago and now we are celebrating with her, 90 days of employment and placement into subsidized housing. It was not a smooth road for Alexa and yet we were there next to her. We assisted Alexa in getting access to community resources, finding mental health support, she attended life skills classes and built up her confidence through our coaching and community building activities. Once Alexa was able to stabilize her mental health and set up a good support network, we were able to help Alexa figure out what employment she could do and how she could do it best. We were able to assist her to find a job where she feels like a meaningful contributor to a team and can share her skills.

"Bayaud treated me like I mattered, they became my partner not just another place that threw paperwork at me and told me to figure it out, they showed me, and walked with me along the road of hurdles. I know full well that without the folks at Bayaud I would not be where I am today."

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